Money doesn’t make any sense.

If a village had 10 gold coins, someone borrowed two and was asked to pay one gold in interest on the loan - where will that 11th coin come from? Interest is making money from money - once called usury and ruled a sin by all major religions.

The world of finance does nothing useful. It is literally people gambling. People call it casino banking which is accurate but that word casino needs to be 3 metres high to underline how much of investment banking is gambing. Gambling! Like 'on the horses' gambling. By addicts.

Why would finance be draped in emotional words like 'trust', 'interest' and 'bond' if it wasn’t a pit of dishonest, uncaring shysters?

Bankers have a lot of money in the same way bakers bring home a lot of bread. Banks literally make money - that’s what they do when agreeing loans. That the banker manages to find a significant amount to fund her huge house and car is understandable. Government makes some cash but private banks make the vast proportion of digital money. When you get a mortgage you receive £100k in return for a promise of 25 years of labour. We are looking at the wrong hand in this magic trick: The hundred grand is easy. 25 years of your labour is not.

Because money is created by private banks, nearly everything is owned by the banks. Imagine if everyone stopped loan repayments. After a few months banks would repossess every car, house and business not fully paid for. There you go: Banks - who do nothing, make nothing, and are institutional gambling addicts - own nearly everything.

‘Economics’ indoctrinates generations of young people in this fable. Graduates who question it are soothed by huge salaries and bonuses. They comply, it continues. Journalists don’t understand money. Robert Peston had a complaint upheld against him by the BBC when he tried but failed to explain where it come from. Politicians don’t understand this - there very much is a magic money tree. The Bank of England is so confused it tried to sort things out by giving money to the rich!